Gridload gives you everything you need to monitor your servers both in the data center and in the cloud and be the first to know when there is a problem. Our powerful analytics tools help you to stay on top of performance and resource usage, and get critical data both in the data center and in the cloud.

  • Powerful Analytics

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    Throwing more hardware at the problem isn’t always the answer. Your server is a complex machine and you need to understand what keeps it running and what resources are being used in order to give it all shes got.

  • Advanced Monitoring

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    Everyone loves cool charts and graphs, especially when they help you get the job done. Bluetape gives you access to daily load on your server, and lets you compare load over different days giving you a better understanding of your systems.

  • Security First

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    Running your own server is a lot of work, but if you dont keep your system up to date and secure it will get compromised. We help you to understand and manage your security needs so you can keep your system secure.

Powerful Monitoring

Gridload’s advanced online infrastructure monitors your servers from multiple points all over the world. When something goes wrong, we double check the results and then immediately alert you so you can take action. Since our service is stored in the cloud, your data is always available to you giving you instant access to the information you need to help solve the problem.